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Re: [SLE] 9.1 Personal and lack of Gnome
  • From: Vinay Ramnath <v.ramnath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 15:03:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <40B73888.1060509@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Brooks wrote:
>>I don't really think it is a choice for KDE because it would be
>>superior. I just think SuSE wanted to keep the price down. It is cheaper
>>than the previous personal version, right? To keep the price down, it
>>would best fit on one cd-rom (it used to be three cd's, right?). Then,
>>on that limited space, you can either put a number of incomplete desktop
>>packages or just choose for one and put the complete version on the cd.
>>I think that is a good choice.
> I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. The extra $10 that they were
> charging in 9.0 was still a great deal and absolutely worth it.

Yeah, I think that really depends on whether you use Gnome or not. For
all those who didn't use Gnome anyway, a 25% reduction in price is a
pretty nice deal. Those are the people who are not responding to this
topic, but are happily checking out the new stuff. Don't think they are
not there!

>>Indeed, it comes with the "live cd", but I think that is nice. If you
>>are really enthousiastic, you can borrow it to family and friends to
>>check it out.
> I think this is something of a waste. If I want family and friends to see,
> they can come over and look at my desktop. I'd rather have the extra
> software for use on the second cd than what really amounts to a marketing
> tool.

Well ok, you think it is not nice, it think it is. You can think of more
uses for it. For example if you currently use an other operating system
and want to get used to SuSE (and KDE) before completely switching over,
you can use the demo for that. There are probably more uses for it. I
don't think it is a waste.

>>No problem, I can easily obtain Windowmaker from it's
>>website, can't you do that with Gnome?
> Probably yes, for those who know how to compile packages and install things
> without rpms and YaST (or red carpet, or apt). I'm not one of those people:
> my skill and technical knowledge is not that high, and so, for me, no I can't
> do that with Gnome.
SuSE will probably soon make some GNOME-rpm's available for 9.1 just
like they did for the older versions. Just have a little patience. Of
course, you can also try to learn to compile it. This mailing list might
come handy and of course, there are also some directions included in the
source you're trying to compile. Some readme file. It might be worth a
try. Being able to compile might also come handy in the future. You can
start with something small first to learn it. Just notice that there are
no compilers included in the personal edition either, but that has never
been. Probably you can get them somewhere, I have an other topic running
in this list about that.

Good luck,

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