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Re: [SLE] Wireless, DHCP, Firewall Issues
On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 22:07, Jim Poteet wrote:
> My setup is DSL, an Alcatel modem, a Netscreen vpn appliance (that is functioning as the DHCP server) and a Linksys wireless access point. Several PCs (a mixture of W98, WXP, and SuSE 9.0) are wired into the LAN. All are functioning normally as far as DHCP ip assignments, DSN lookups, pinging and browsing the internet.
> I have a Dell Latitude LS laptop with a Linksys wireless card and an ethernet connection into the LAN.
> When the wireless card is stopped (ifdown wlan0) and the ethernet is cabled in, everything works fine.
> When I unplug the ethernet cable, I can ping and access all of my local devices using the wireless device. However, I cannot get out onto the internet with pings or browses.

Based on your description above I would suspect you don't have the
correct default gateway setup. In both cases run a netstat -rn and see
what the default gateway is set to.

> If I manually assign an ip, everything works fine.
> YaST setups for the two devices look okay. (DNS and gateway information is shared.)
> There's nothing in the Netscreen setup or the wireless AP setup that would block an ip address (the ip address that won't go out over the wireless connection works just fine when manually assigned.
> I chatted with a Linksys tech to no avail. The access point is just a switch and doesn't tinker with ip addresses.
> Any suggestions on where to look?

It is not clear to me in your description but when you manually setup
the IP addressing do you use the same address as that assigned by the
DHCP server? Or is it a different address? Is it just names
( or IP addresses that you can not get to on the Internet? If
you can ping's IP address then the problem is a DNS issue. If
you can't ping the IP address then it is most likely a gateway issue.

You indicate the netscreen is acting as your DHCP server. Check your
wireless AP and make sure you have disabled its DHCP server. What could
be happening is you may be assigning the same IP address as another node
on your lan if the linksys is serving address as well as your netscreen
and they are in the same range. Duplicate IP addresses can cause some
very strange results at times.

But my 2 cents is on the gateway not being correct. That is the
simplest thing that would explain why you can ping local devices but not
get out on the Internet.

If that is the case then a netstat -rn should show it up. This could
still be caused by the linksys serving out DHCP addresses when it is not
fully configured with gateway info and such.

Scot L. Harris <webid@xxxxxxxxxx>

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