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Re: [SLE] RE: Ticket [20040519430002952] e100 module parameters
  • From: Frederic Soulier <frederic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 12:09:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <1085483368.4242.104.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 11:42, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
> * Frederic Soulier; <frederic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 25 May, 2004 wrote:
> >On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 10:32, Simon Oliver wrote:
> >
> >Coming from distros with a really open development process I'm a bit
> >puzzled by the SuSE way...
> > - Novell opens up SuSE bugzilla, invites community to beta test
> > future releases (ala Mandrake/Fedora) and sets up a development
> > web site & wiki WOULD BE really nice :)
> > (in time for 9.2 would be cool)
> SuSE is not Fedora or Mandrake look at Redhat which had open betas and
> ISO downloads. At the end, RedHat said fine and initiated the Fedora
> project where people can play with the new code zilla the bugs however
> RedHat turn into a closed beta system concentrationg on the core
> business.

Agreed. I find the Mandrake way to be a real bazaar! (maybe too much
emphasis on the community and not enough on the business) and the Fedora
way to be the opposite.
I guess there is a middle ground to be found here.

> IMHO SuSE way of doing the beta test and limiting the bugzilla access to
> a few is better way of quality control. When beta test is open to the
> general public then resources can be spent on bugzilla entries which are
> not actual bugs or posts of questions which are not relevant to beta
> purposes.

Except when you have a pbm, want to report the pbm and you don't have a
clear way to do it. Subsequent to that it's frustrating to not know
whether your pbm is being worked on or not.

> I strongly believe SUSE should keep the beta procedure as it is now, not
> that I am involved with the beta test but now I have better
> understanding of the German way of doing business which is based on
> technology.

I also like the emphasis on the technology and the no-nonsense approach to
making a distro from SuSE yet in the open source ecosystem one benefits
hugely from the participation of the community.
As long as there is a process to drive inputs from the community and the
community is not driving the business then it should be fine.
Opening the beta to more people is a good way to have access to a variety
of hardware which I'm sure SuSE does not have in-house :)

Having said that Novell is a big American company, Ximian is totally focused
on Gnome, Evolution (+ connector) and Mono. SuSE is a European company
(mostly german) and focused on KDE so I hope everybody will play nicely ;)
>From what I heard there's already a strong commitment from Novell to
Evolution 2.0 + connector and Mono. How is this going to impact Kontact, Kmail
and the mostly KDE centric SuSE is an interesting thought.
Answers in ~6 months I suppose.


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