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Re: [SLE] my second serial port has vanished ;-(
  • From: Marshall Heartley <marshall.heartley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 05:28:57 -0400
  • Message-id: <200405230528.57552.marshall.heartley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Yes and in the software setup it was setup at irq 5. Got a new TV
> card whichput itself on irq 5, shoving my NIC card to irq 3.

Ahhh OK.

> The only irq where the software setup did not complain as being
> used by something else was irq 15. Using that irq caused a lockup
> at boot. I gave the TV card irq 9 in the BIOS and have now a
> working com port again.

The reason that using IRQ 15 caused a lockup is that 15 is used for
the second IDE channel on the motherboard.

> Although my motherboard is outfitted with two ISA slots 4 PCI and
> one AGP, space problems does not make that possible.


> There is no PNP OS YES/NO in my BIOS but I had not set the PCI
> cards a specific irq which is more or less the same

Weird? What make is this motherboard? Usually there is some sort of
setting like the one described. Oh well.

> > Stupid IRQs! 2004 and IRQs are still around and a pure PITA!
> The question that arises, I remember vaguely that irq 9 is used to
> connect to the irq from 10 and higher. Would the choice of irq 9
> have consequences? And I am still missing one or two com ports for
> the things that I am planning to do. Aren't there USB to comports
> adapters which could solve that problem? For the time being I can
> proceed ;-). Everyone, thanks for your help.

IRQ 9 is tied to IRQ 2 (which is hidden). If you are still missing
the port, then I am not sure what all you can do. You will need to
be sure that you have a IRQ set aside for that com port.

I am not sure about USB to com port adapters. I unfortunately have
not had a situation where I have had to see about using such a thing.

If IRQ 9 is free, then you should be able to use it.

Well let me think what all else we can try to get this to work.


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