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Re: [SLE] my second serial port has vanished ;-(
  • From: Marshall Heartley <marshall.heartley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 09:40:19 -0400
  • Message-id: <200405220940.19203.marshall.heartley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear Marshall,

Hello. Sorry for not replying to the list. Was on a Windows machine
using a web interface to check email. I will try a bit better next
time :) Forgot to have my morning caffeine before replying.

> It has helped in sofar as I have read the manpages setserial and
> after using the setserial on ttyS1 (my com port 2) in order to get
> information I am a little bit wiser. Know that ttyS3 is the com 4
> but after setting my bios I wanted to find out what happened with
> the set comports. I have not used the auto setting in the bios
> because I want to tell the computer what to do ;-).

That is what you should do.

> The info was: /dev/ttyS1: Device or resource busy

This usually means that something is using a resource that is keeping
ttyS1 from operating. It could be something like a memory address is
being used by another device, IRQ is being used, etc.

> Do not know with what because such information is just missing.
> Do you have further ideas?

Well the standard memory address and IRQ assignment for com2 or ttyS1
in linux is if memory serves me correctly is 02f8 and irq or 3.

You can check these files and see what is being detected by the OS.

/proc/ioports and /proc/interrupts and see if the second serial port
is there. I assume that the port is enabled in BIOS so this is where
I would start looking.

You can do a cat command to look at the above files like so.

cat /proc/interrupts
cat /proc/ioports

This should help you get in the right direction. What was the command
that you issued to setserial to try and use the port?

You can also use lsof /dev/ttyS1 to see if any programs are using the

Hopefully this will help.


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