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Re: [SLE] Update 9.0 from 9.1 DVD?
  • From: Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 12:23:46 +1000
  • Message-id: <40AEB9B2.1050803@xxxxxxxxxx>
C Hamel wrote:
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On Friday 21 May 2004 08:51, Basil Chupin wrote:

C Hamel wrote:


Well, it's not restricted to an external modem as I mention in one of my
msgs in the thread SUSE 9.1 - BAH!

But the reason I am writing here is I would like to add the following to
help in your quest for finding the offending updated bit(s) which is
causing so much angst (and I think that when the problem is solved both
you and I ought to get a free upgrade copy of the next Suse, right?).

Today I decided to re-install (for the 11the time!) 9.1 but this time
from the CDs and not the DVD. (This in itself I don't think may be too
significant except for the fact that the application "tvtime" is not on
the CDs but is installable on the DVD - interesting, eh?)

During the install, when it came to test the connection to my ISP I
allowed this for the first time. The connection checked out OK and then
the check was made for any patches to 9.1 - and this was accomplished in
no time at all! amazing.

I then let the install process get the new updates for 9.1. Now, what
happened next surprised me because the modem "flew" along without trying
to catch its breath. I don't know what the thruput was but looking at
the RD/SD from past experience it looked like it was close to the
optimum bps.

After 4 hours of choofing along nicely I was cutoff by my ISP because I
reached my time limit. However, in this time the following patches
(below) were downloaded including 56% of the kernel source patch.

After I got disconnected I had to abort YOU and when I did it installed
*most* of the patches and then the rest of the installation process
carried on. The patches which were installed I have marked with an
asterisk (below). It is one, or more of these patches, which is causing
the problem - but which one?

Once the patches were installed, the rest of Suse was configured and I
went to use YOU to finish the rest of the updates -- the wheels fell
off! The modem was almost useless and I had to abort YOU (which you
can't BTW by simply clicking on the ABORT button- you need to login as
root and use the KILL command).

Anyway, the patches which were downloaded and installed (*) were (sorry,
they are not in alphabetical order)-

bash *
qt3 *
kdelibs3 *
popt *
aaa-base *
libtiff *
yast2-pam *
gconf2 *
kdebase3-SuSE *
kphone *
hp-office *
i4l-base *
kaffeine *
module-init *
wvdial *
xine-ui *
yast2-users *
ncurses-5.4 *
kernel-default 54.5
netcfg * [noarch item]

So, at least one of the above requires assassination.


I am not young enough to know everything.

I would almost bet on gconf2, myself (I mistakenly called it gconf.d to someone else <LOL>). In the kernel logs no program was mentioned ...ever ...except for one time & that pkg was gconf2. For some reason, that reference was made just after the log statement indicating that echo was sent & not responded to.

I was afraid --and still am, to a point-- that I shall have to reinstall, myself. As I believe I already posted, I reverted the updates w/o reinstalling, and the modem started behaving much better! I was still getting chopped, but not nearly so quickly! The latest online foray has me going for nearly 10 hours, now; last evening it was 7.13 hours --I changed the DNS from 'automatic' & manually entered the IPs... that is all.

Someone else believes this distro was rushed. I would have to concur, I think. However, SuSE9 broke *completely* after updates; v9.1 is just severely crippled. Accidental or no, progress has been made.

Strange, but last Monday I said to my friend that, :Get and American company involved and the wheels fall off"; the next day there was an interesting article posted on called 'SuSE's Frankenstein's monster' (it's now in the archives on the site if you go looking). Yes, I also think that it was rushed out - and this is not typical SuSE behaviour as displayed by past releases.

Now back to the modem thing.

A possible major clue to aid your research.

I met up with my friend (mentioned above) an hour ago and he tells me that he is not having - nor had in the 4 installs he's done - with the modem. I questioned him and finally discovered he only installs/ed the DEFAULT software settings. He allowed YOU to update his system a couple of times. What this means is that his updates did not tinker with the files which I, and possibly you, installed when installing my system; and I always install

All of KDE
Kernel Development

and delete anything to do with Koffice.


I am not young enough to know everything.

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