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Re: [SLE] how to log in as root?
Thanks Mike,

Yes, i have loaded the modules for the specific cdrom (mirosolutions
backpack). The final (i think final) parameter that must be set fails
however, with the default settings (drive0=0x378). The installer responds
"failed to mount cdrom" when i attempt to go ahead with the install. Do i
need to manually mount the cdrom? Do i have to tell the kernel that the
drive is there? It seems to know, but if i'm missing something, do tell.
One thing i'm kind of uncertain of is how to use the root prompt to give
instructions to the kernel. Only some of the commands seem to work, and i'm
quite unfamiliar with the procedure. For instance "fdisk" returns "not
found". Attempting to run certain commands that i do find in some of the
various folders has no effect, or returns "not found". One thing that did
work was "swapon", thereby enabling me to activate swap for loading of the
network module. I did, however, need to use a boot disk from another dist
to create the partition table in order to create a swap partition to
activate. Is all this normal, or unusual? If it's normal i won't worry too
much. Should it be this difficult to install on an older machine though? I
can install windows with a standard dos boot disk without any hassle
whatsoever. insert bootdisk, fdisk, partition, format, insert cdrom driver
floppy, load driver, install from cdrom. Very simple. Is it normal for
linux to be quite a bit more difficult?

Can anyone recommend any Good Reference Books for what i am attempting to
do? Something that explains what is going on, and why we need to make each
step? So far the manuals i have read on linux's do not touch on any of the
issues i am experiencing.

Thank you again for all correspondence.


>i booted from a slackware disk, and enabled the swap partition i made.
> that fixed that. however the network module is not found. hmmm.

> can't find the network card or the external cdrom.

> any suggestions?

You will need to know some information about both the CD-ROM and
Network card, as in make and type. You should see a listing for Modules
during the install process, select this, and load the modules (with any
info they require) and then proceed with the installation. It's been
some months since I've done this so I apologize for not remembering
quite where that point in the install process is. It was required for a
network install on two computers, I needed to know the NIC maker and
type in order to load the correct module, which unfortunately I had to
do by trial and error, but in the end it did work.

Mike -- and then I lost it because Norton Anti Virus fixed the MBR

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