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lilo + raid upgrade...
Hi there, i´m upgrading my server´s disk, from 20 Gb to 120Gb, the situation
is what follows :

PIII 550 / 256MB
2X HD 120GB (under raid1)
SUSE 8.1 system

the 20 GIG disks are already working well, with the / mounted on the
MD0(hda3/hdc3), witch is performing well, the /boot is mounted on /dev/hda1
(200megs), and is not running into a raid partition, BUT the quest ehre,
more than change the disks, is to make LILO boot from a raid1 partition.

The whole transfer thing had performed VERY well... (not counting the 650+-
min waiting to syncronize the 120Gig RAID...), the LILO has installed into
the new system as well, after chrooting there with an KNOPPIX as rescue.
But, i think due the RAID boot partition, when i went to boot , i receive an
KERNEL PANIC! as follows :

until the raidautorun part of the boot process, everything goes as planned,
but after the :

md : ... autorun DONE.
EXT3-fs : unable to read superblock
EXT2-fs : unable to read superblock
ISOFS_read_super : bread failed, dev=09:00 iso_blknum=16, block=32
Kernel Panic : VFS : unable to mount root fs on 09:00

everything hangs... really!

I haven´t tried out to boot the new disks without the RAID on the boot, will
be my next try, in order to let the system useable to an saturday nigth

anyone has any sugestion ?

Joao Marka - Brazil
(no, our president is not a drunk, just alchool powered!)

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