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Weird Ping Problem (can't!) on 9.1
  • From: David Harrigan <david.harrigan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 09:01:25 +0100
  • Message-id: <EFA30A31E31018468CFE19B0A6D4227178F33C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This is a tale of woe, so please bear with me and if anyone can help I
would appreciate it. Firstly, let me say that I've had no problems with
Suse 9.0. I've been using it since Christmas. Last weekend, I upgraded
(then downgraded to XP) to 9.1.

The problem I'm experiencing is that I cannot get ping to ping. It
appears that Suse 9.1 is not honouring my resolv.conf. Here, in short
format is what is happening.

search my-domain.local otherdomain

nsswitch.conf is set to files then dns.
host.conf has hosts bind in it.

If I ping:


I get no response back, in fact ping comes back after a while with
the dreaded words "unknown host".

If I nslookup:


I get back a FQDN

I know that nslookup is doing a direct connect to the nameserver,
whereas ping et al is honouring resolv.conf.

If I ping I get back a response.

Funnily enough cvs101 is handled by a different nameserver on a
different domain but the nameservers that I get via DHCP should be
forwarding on to "otherdomain." You can see it's in my search path
on resolv.conf.

I cannot ping any hosts in my domain.

I hate to say this (but I must!) that it all works fine on XP, and
another guy's machine who is running Fedora Core 1, and again it was
working fine on Suse 9.0.

I do not believe any firewall software is running (iptables -L -n
reports blank). Plus, I tried this on the Suse 9.1 Live Eval CD as
well and it has the same problem.

I've done some googling someone mentioned a problem with Suse 6 and
the version of libdns in use. Suse 9.1 has

Anyone got any idea. I spent an entire day on Monday trying to solve
this with no success?


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