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Re: [SLE] SUSE 9.1 - BAH!
*** Reply to message from Hartmut Meyer <hartmut.meyer@xxxxxx> on Wed,
19 May 2004 19:46:42 +0200***

> Since today we have a machine at hand where we can reproduce the problem. It
> appears to be some kind of "misunderstanding" between what Windows, BIOS and
> Kernel 2.6 assume about disk geometry. It doesn't look like an easy one. But
> at least we have a chance now ...
> Stay tuned.

Does your test computer ,which reproduces the errors Thom Numzum is
reporting.. once it's solved. Or on the chance the "misunderstanding "
of the Windows ,Bios, and it could be a partial cure for a problem w/
a desktop.

The computer itself is and Emachine T2842.With 2.8gig Celeron ; 512
megs ddr2700 or (2100?) ram and an addittion we made was a pci video
card, and S3 Virge dx .

The problem we have had w/ this box is the live evaluation disk hangs
just after it appears to have located the usb items (Intelliflash USB 6
in 1 flash card reader etc.) once it gets to the check point of the
pcmcia card(s) that we do not have. It never gets past that point, and
the worry would be it might do the same on an install..

So questions..

one) could the computer restore itself to a more desireable state? Or
would an install result in a *stop*( commplete lock/freeze/nothing is
going to EVER! move) during an install ( of the full pro version. I
bought it for my daughter and also got a 9.1 UG for myself and our
office consulting team. Since Mr. Nuzum's appears to have installed

Which leads to question two:

Will the full pro volume install on that emachine , w/ it equipped as
described above? Ttheuser having that machine is having panicy 2nd
thoughts about the whole idea of updating his box.

I have even shown him an older E-machine out of similar materiels And
it is chugging along nicely. There have been no updates; and no other
OS on it.

So, for the time being I am putting him on a machine which installed
from the pro discs and there were no prroblems in attemmpting the full
Pro install and the newer vesion of the Crossover Office, which he has
used for about as long as he has used Linux.

I have read most of the readmes.
And evenn scimmed thru the database of kknown problems and don't see
it reported.

Any suggestions?


nemo me impune lacessit

it's just an afterthought; okay ? : Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's not written on the back of anything.

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