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Re: [SLE] AIT drivers and 9.1
  • From: Adolph & Sharon Weidanz <timeto.paws@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 19:20:05 -0700
  • Message-id: <40AAC455.3060908@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Curtis Rey wrote:
| On Monday 17 May 2004 09:44 pm, Adolph & Sharon Weidanz wrote:

|>>I got to the part where it says to cd to /usr/src/kernel-modules//fglrx/
|>>and the KERNEL_SOURCE=/usr/src/linux make modules. I do not get any
|>>further. It dies first with warning that Module.symvers is missing and
|>>modules will have CONFIG_MODVERSIONS disabled. then it:
|>>building modules stage 2
|>>binj/sh: line 1:scripts/modpost: no such file or directory
|>>make[2]: ***[__modpost] error 127
|>>make[1]: ***[modules] error 2
|>>//Then it quits
|>>I checked and there is a dir scripts, but no modpost (Has modpost.c &
|>>modpost.h and a makefile, more on this later) There is a dir 2.6.x that
|>>when i first entered had just a makefile, so I ran make and it copied
|>>all the files fromn the above dir and created the .o's &.o.cmd's files.
|>>It doesn't have a make install though, also KERNEL_SOURCE=/usr/src/linux
|>>make modules doesn't do anything.
|>>Adolph & Sharon Weidanz
|>>'78 43' Endeavour Ketch
|>>S/V Time To Paws
| HI there, I have gotten the fglrx drivers working in 9.1. They are a
| flakey in Tribes2 but otherwise fine. Your first error was to run the
| fglrxconfig. You should have run the following:
| #sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx -b /usr/X11R6/lib/sax/profile/firegl.
| Then I do:
| #pico /etc/X11/XF86Config and add the line
| #Load "dri"
| Furthermore, you might want to install the "km_dri" module via YaST.

I got rid of the ati version of the driver and am back to the config
installed by yast. Right now I can't get the SUSE version to compile, in
order to do the sax2 stuff... Your email didn't say if you installed
the suse version or the ati ones?

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Adolph & Sharon Weidanz
'78 43' Endeavour Ketch
S/V Time To Paws
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