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Re: [SLE] Now I broke Konqueror
  • From: Jostein Berntsen <jbernts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 15:08:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <20040518130800.GB2548@xxxxxxxx>
On 17.05.04,16:29, Chris Carlen wrote:
> Hi,
> Sure is easy to break things in 9.1. I've screwed up Yast so I can't
> install any software, now I've broke Konqueror.
> I went to the "Proxy" settings in Konq, to set up the URL for the
> automatic proxy config script that we use here to get to the internet.
> After I typed it in (exactly the same way that works in my Mozilla on
> Suse 8.1), then I tried to go to "" and Konqueror locked.
> I managed to kill it by switching to a text console, and got my desktop
> control back. Unfortunately, when Konq locked, the whole desktop locked
> too.
> I did this several times until convinced it was hopeless. Then I tried
> the "detect proxy settings automatically" and that got me able to surf
> the net with Konq., though with poor performance.
> But now if I try to edit the setting for "URL for the automatic proxy
> config script", the text field in Konqueror has a lot of bugs. If I
> click on it, the cursor disappears and Konqueror locks (but not the
> whole desktop this time). After a while I get a dialog saying that Konq
> "isn't responding" in Windowsesque fashion, which allows me to kill it.
> So it appears totally impossible now to attempt to use this setting!
> QUESTION: Where is the text config file for Konq that holds this
> setting? Maybe if I delete the setting, it will un-bug.
> I keep hoping for a robust Konqueror with each new version, and it's
> always the same story. Within a few hours of tinkering with the new
> system I've found major problems.
> Now if I could just get Yast fixed so I could install software...

Might try to reinstall Yast? And install KDE 3.2.2 which has bug fixes
for 3.2.1:

- Jostein

Jostein Berntsen <jbernts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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