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Re: [SLE] Best CDRW drive
  • From: Hans du Plooy <hansdp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 11:57:43 +0200
  • Message-id: <200405181157.43050.hansdp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mandag 17 maj 2004 23:20 skrev John Heffington:
> I am going thru the list of available CD-ROM and CDRW
> drives and finding that 99% are either SCSI or not
> available. I need to know a good drive so I can have
> music playback in SUSE 9.0. Thanks!
I cannot talk for any other drives but two, and I don't want to start flames
either, I'll just give you my experience.

1. I have an LG 48x24x48 (made by Hitachi at the mo, which seems to be a lot
better than the older LG CD-ROM, whoever made them). I've had it since
December 2002, I burn upwards on 10 CDs per day. It's still working like day
one. It's very quiet, and, what probably impresses me most, is that it's
incredibly good with damaged discs. I have discs that no other drives would
read properly, some drives don't even see them. The LG reads it prefectly.
It plays CDs, and it rips CDs quite fast. cdparanoia, with paranoia
disabled, rips through a 80-minute audio CD in 6 odd minutes. Maximum
paranoia on a badly scratched takes about 20 minutes, and again, it works
pretty good (much better than my previous CD drives).

2. I installed a 40x Plextor IDE writer (I can't remember its RW and read
speed) for a client, into a dedicated CD writer machine, which every one in
the company uses. There are about 50 people doing their backups on it, and
everybody uses it to copy CDs for his brother, the neigbour and whoever else.
I've never seen that drive not working, it's in constant use from early in
the morning until very late at night. You can't go wrong.

Just my experience, hope it helps
Kind regards
Hans du Plooy
Newington Consulting Services
hansdp at newingtoncs dot co dot za

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