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AIT drivers and 9.1
  • From: Adolph & Sharon Weidanz <timeto.paws@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 21:44:06 -0700
  • Message-id: <40A99496.705@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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I've posted this in the suse-xfree86 group and didn't get an answer so
I'll try here. First if all your going to say is get an nvidia card,
don't bother posting. I have a laptop and do not have a choice.

I am trying to get the ATI drivers that SUSE has posted in the 9.1 dir.
Along with the readme. I followed the directions, although I am using
the 2.6.5-17.0-defalut kernel, and yes I am sure my link is set to the
correct source and they match.
First I tried to use the current ati (3.7.6 ?) drivers from the ati site
and ran the fglrxconfig. All this gave me was 2d and the mesa drives
(Did find out an interesting thing though, fglrxconfig creates a
XF86Config-4 file that is linked in somewhere and the config file
created by sax2/yast is ignored), anyway I then followed the SUSE

I got to the part where it says to cd to /usr/src/kernel-modules//fglrx/
and the KERNEL_SOURCE=/usr/src/linux make modules. I do not get any
further. It dies first with warning that Module.symvers is missing and
modules will have CONFIG_MODVERSIONS disabled. then it:

building modules stage 2
binj/sh: line 1:scripts/modpost: no such file or directory
make[2]: ***[__modpost] error 127
make[1]: ***[modules] error 2
//Then it quits

I checked and there is a dir scripts, but no modpost (Has modpost.c &
modpost.h and a makefile, more on this later) There is a dir 2.6.x that
when i first entered had just a makefile, so I ran make and it copied
all the files fromn the above dir and created the .o's &.o.cmd's files.
It doesn't have a make install though, also KERNEL_SOURCE=/usr/src/linux
make modules doesn't do anything.

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Adolph & Sharon Weidanz
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S/V Time To Paws
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