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Palm sync with Evolution in 9.1
  • From: David Krider <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 21:21:03 -0500
  • Message-id: <1084760462.6294.21.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I *must* be the only person in the entire world masochistic enough to
try to sync a Palm device with *anything* in Linux. Seriously. I simply
*have* to be. Because it doesn't work. Ever. I've used Linux as my main
OS for something like 7 years now, and every single iteration, I think,
"This will be it. They'll finally get it this time." But "they" never,
ever do. All I want is to sync my Pilot (a Tungsten T) with something --
anything -- under Linux like I've been able to do -- flawlessly -- for
NINE STRAIGHT YEARS under Windows. I guess that's simply too much to
ask. Forget the fact that it's still impossible to give me the ability
to sync memos under Evolution, or to support bi-directional categories.
Apparently, no one coding any of the THREE LAYERS INVOLVED has ever seen
this as something that someone would want. Why am I so strange? But even
this is not enough for SuSE 9.1. No. Every single time I try to set up
my Palm under Evolution's "wizard," gpilotd dies. So I tried Multisync.
That *looks* like it works, but it actually doesn't. It will only
transfer stuff from Evo to the Palm. Don't get me started about the fact
that "Both" is suspiciously MISSING from the filter rules, and the way
it's working is EXACTLY BACKWARDS of how I have the plugins defined.
(Okay, you got me. I'm already started.) So, last but not least, I try
Ol' Faithful, jpilot, but it now seems to only show me the contents of
about half of my memos. So, to sum up, I now have 3 ways of doing
something completely half-way, ALL of which DO. NOT. WORK! I realize
that this is now considered the absolute hardest problem in open source
software, and that it will take the combined talents of Torvalds,
Raymond, and Stallman to get it working, but I sleep better knowing that
"top men" are working 'round the clock to fix this.


Why aren't we living in the future yet?

So, ok. I'll spare you the obvious retort. I started looking for some
documentation to try to fix this myself. It's, shall we say, fractured,
at best. Through some broken domains and old email addresses, I *hope*
that I've finally gotten a message off the lead coder on gnome-pilot.
We'll see how this works out, but so far, it's not looking good.


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