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Re: [SLE] Firewall-HOWTO. Where is it?
SSH is a service. You can connect to another machine by typing ssh and
the machine name (needs to be in your host table or DNS). It will then
connect you to the machine with the corresponding account on the other
machine. If you use it with the -X option it will setup the x11 window
for you. I am not sure, but you might not need to enable the xhost
account. In any case look up the man pages for all the options.
On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 07:09, John N. Alegre wrote:
> > Probably stupid question, but...
> >
> > I don't think Telnet and FTP are enabled by default...
> >
> > Did you start the services?
> >
> Yes I did. In 9.0. The full story on this is I bought 9.0 two weeks ago and
> installed it. I never think I got the Firewall right. As I said I could not
> telnet or ftp in from other machines on the LAN. This was after starting the
> services and configuring the Firewall through Yast to be external internet only,
> I thought.
> Since hardly any configuration had been completed, rather then upgrade I did a
> full install of 9.1 and have not done any configuration yet.
> I did find the docs and may be I will read them this time:-(
> A few questions for the list that I can not appear to find in the docs. How is
> the Firewall configured after install of 9.1 without doing anything? Is it
> safe as it is to external attack? Is ssh there by default or is that a
> service turn on thing? If I could get ssh to work in conjunction with nfs I
> should be fine without ftp and telnet.
> Thanks
> john
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