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RE: [SLE] Samba/Wnbind on SuSE 9.0

I'm more interested in seeing what you have to say after looking at the
message I sent to follow this one.

Do I have to manually add all of my users using smbpasswd even though
winbindd actually finds them okay?

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Subject: RE: [SLE] Samba/Wnbind on SuSE 9.0

>I grabbed the wrong information for you from the smbclient -L command.
>Here is the correct information:

Thank infi for that, you had me very confused for a while :)

>session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

Ok this is caused when samba tries to acces the domain controller for
authentication information and the DC - THEIMG is unavailable. It can also
be caused when samba has been told to use the smbpasswd file for
authentication and the databases havnt been synched. Try -

smbpasswd -A username

Then entering your password and trying again. Also make sure that you are
using encrypted passwords in your global config, and that you have wins
support set to no and wins server set to whatever server on your network is
running wins. A samba and a windows wins servers cannot replicate between
each other and cause all kinds of interesting problems.

> Server Comment
> --------- -------
> LX02 Samba Print Server

I take it your not trying to set up a Samba/Cups deal are you? If you are
make sure that you have the ppd's for the printers in the hidden share, and
dont use netbios aliasing to switch from your current server. Windows has a
nasty habit of caching things it shouldnt, causing much pain.


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