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Re: [SLE] Loading module for network card - 3c509
  • From: Fergus Wilde <fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 13:43:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <200405141343.07539.fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 14 May 2004 11:28, Marshall Heartley wrote:
> > Hello All - am I not right in thinking that if I am trying to load the
> > module for the network card that the 9.1 install failed to set up (yes,
> > same problem as before), the syntax would be
> >
> > # modprobe 3c509
> >
> > ?
> That is the way that I do it and it seems to work.
> > I had fondly imagined this to be the case, but the command appears to
> > have been seen as an instruction to 'lock the machine solid and refuse to
> > allow any keyboard or mouse input'.
> Sounds like a driver conflict.
> > Why don't I ssh in? Well you see the network card isn't recognised ...
> > Bleh ...
> Ouch! That sucks! I can relate. On my issue with Gnome, it freezes so
> bad that I have to do a hard reboot!
> Before you issue that command, list the modules already installed and
> see if a module is installed already. If so, remove it and try the
> modprobe command again.

Thanks Marshall.

I did check to see if the module was loaded first, in fact - it wasn't. The
problem is undoubtedly a module - loading one. I'm sure I will get it sorted
out - however I'm equally sure a Linux neophyte would have scant chance, and
it does seem a particular shame that the installer has blown this when so
many versions of SuSE handled it without problems.

I'm now at the stage where I could do with instruction rather than tips: what
line(s) do I have to enter in /etc/modprobe.conf, and/or what other action do
I need to take in order for the module 3c509 to load at boot without building
into the initrd? Does anyone know of a source of information that explains
how to do this in language the crowd can understand? Man modprobe.conf
describes the file as being 'simple', but we must have different
understandings of the meaning of this word.

Thanks for any help

> Marshall

Fergus Wilde
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