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RE: [SLE] Samba/Wnbind on SuSE 9.0
I'm not using plain text passwords. What I'm trying to accomplish is to log
in to a LINUX box and have the sign-on validated by the domain controller.
In addition, I want to be able to open the LINUX samba-based shares from a
Windows workstation.

I created directories in /home for the domain users based on the template in
the winbind section of the samba configuration file /home/domain/user. The
users own their respective directories and the owning group is "domain

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Subject: RE: [SLE] Samba/Wnbind on SuSE 9.0

>However, from a windows box (XP, 2000, NT) I can see the shares, but
>can't open them. When I try to log in using one of the domain user
>names, it accepts the password, then displays a dialog box stating that
>my access has been disabled.

Hi Dave,

Have you applied the registry patches for Nt series machines. Theres one for
plain text passwords and another to removed signed SMB. Another thing you
can check is the permissions on the folders that your trying to access and
make sure that security has been set to domain in your global config.


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