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Re: [SLE] More on mounting cf cards / cameras / stability of konq 3.2.2
  • From: Fergus Wilde <fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 14:03:31 +0100
  • Message-id: <200405121403.31433.fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 12 May 2004 11:52, Fergus Wilde wrote:

Responding to your own query is the mark of the loon. But I forgot, rudely, to
mention that Patrick Shanahan has already kindly suggested using 'rchotplug
restart' to see if it would get the disk or camera to mount properly; sadly
it doesn't.

> I've now tried to get a cf card to mount using a usb card reader on two 9.1
> machines, fully patched including kernel patches, and upgraded to kde
> 3.2.2. I've also tried to get both to recognise a camera attached by USB,
> which works fine under 8.2 and 9.0.
> Rather like Art Fore's problems with a firewire hd, I get a 'cant enter
> folder' message, or sometimes no message at all. Though at least ARt seems
> to be able to get to part of his disk. SuSEplugger can see the cf disk as
> a disk in at least some cases, and sometimes a Konq window opens. The
> camera gets assigned a directory like:
> file:/media/usb-storage-odd-NIKON-NIKONDSCD70:0:0:0p1
> but you can't change into it or list it. The konqueror window dies after a
> while and has to be closed down. I've had the same with trying to launch
> things like the bbc radio listen-on-line service, which again worked fine
> in 8.2 and 9.0. I'm also reading huge load averages on one of the machines
> during, though not necessarily due to, this business - loads like 8.5. But
> top only shows one or two running processes that don't seem to account for
> that sort of load, and are typically X and top itself.
> For a lark, I tried booting the machine with the camera plugged in and
> switched on, but this produced a grub error message and the box wouldn't
> boot. It also seems to rather defeat the point of USB if one has to reboot
> - not that things worked then either.
> I think something is quite odd in the new mounting system, but don't know
> where to try to fix things. I can't say I think much of the 'My computer'
> window, much as it may be trying to make windows users feel at home, at my
> end it just seemed to obscure the device names. I'd be very grateful if
> people could report success or failure with cf cards and cameras under 9.1,
> perhaps to me rather than the list, and then I'll summarise if there's
> enough traffic to warrant it.
> --
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Fergus Wilde
Chetham's Library
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Tel: +44 161 834 7961
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