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zip 250 quandry
  • From: David Johanson <dcjohan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 20:50:01 -0400
  • Message-id: <409ADD39.50500@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Moved the mobo, drives, controller and video card , and everything else from one box to another. In other words, the ONLY thing I changed was the case and power supply. The zip 250 worked perfectly in the original box and was identified in fstab as:

/dev/hdc4 /zip vfat noauto, user, exec 0 0 and a mount point of /zip.

In this new box trying to mount it gives a "mount: /dev/hdc4 is not a valid block device. If I alter /etc/fstab to change the zip identifier to the more common hdd4, I get "mount: /dev/hdd4: can't read superblock"

Can anyone give me some advice as to what's going on?

David C. Johanson
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