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Tweaking SuSE 9.0 Pro on a K6-2
  • From: Martin Mielke <martin.mielke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 16:06:05 +0200
  • Message-id: <409F8C4D.2070708@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi list,

I have an (yes, old) AMD K6-2 @ 400 MHz + 640 MB RAM at home where I installed SuSE 9.0 Pro.
It works pretty well as far as I don't push it very hard... for example: compiling a kernel takes about 20-40 minutes, depending on how many options/modules are activated, etc. But there are some preformance issues I'd like to expose and ask for your advice (please, don't tell me the obvious solution -buy a new machine- ;) ):

* changing from desktop to desktop is slow sometimes
* opening Mozilla 1.7x and composing a message is slow in terms of typing on the keyboard and noticing the delay in the characters to appear on screen - this doesn't happen on a shell.
* opening OpenOffice 1.1, altough faster than 1.0, takes also a while
* etc

AFAIK, the system is using the 640 MB available but as I said, it offers a slower response than when it ran SuSE 5.3 a lot of years ago...

So, could be this box be tweaked anyhow to speed things up and get better performances? or do I have to live with its boundaries? ;)


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