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Re: [SLE] Samba Share - Access Denied
  • From: Louis Richards <louis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 15:09:39 -0400
  • Message-id: <409A8D73.2060003@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dan Weisenstein wrote:

I have set up a new samba share on my machine. Using YaST, I setup /home/share
as a shared directory. From a Windows machine, I can get to the directory and
see the contents. However, if I try to write to the share, I get Access Denied. I
own the directory and it's set to 777. I can get to and write to my home dir,
/home/dan, with no problems. This is the relevant part of smb.conf:

comment = shared
path = /home/share
browseable = no
guest ok = no
printable = no

These settings match the matching parts of the home directory settings. What am
I missing? I've tried to add

valid users = %S
create mask = 0640
directory mask = 0750

like the home directory settings have, but it makes no difference. I used smbpasswd
to set a password, but get no challenge on the Windows machine. Any help appreciated.


I'm going to assume that your username is set up and you have used smbpasswd to set a password for samba. I'm guessing that since you can get to your home directory, this is as it should be.

From the above, it looks like you need to add a write list. Below is one of mine.

comment = Public Share
path = /export/public
write list = @public
inherit permissions = Yes
map archive = No

This would let any user in the public group to have write access. The inherit permissions statement only works if the map archive statement is included and set to no. I set the group ownership of the directory to public and then "chmod g+s /export/public". This allows for a share that works well both as a samba share and an NFS share.


Louis D. Richards
LDR Interactive Technologies

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