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RE: [SLE] 486 fast enough?
My first PC, AMD 5x86 133mhz (486 class) with 64MB ram, still running well
with Suse 8.0 and KDE 3.0 at 1024x768 16bit resolution (vga s3 2mb). It's
just a home pc/workstation, not a server. But it's too slow for multimedia
application. When it run with knoppix 3.0, I can hear MP3 playing smoothly.

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From: Oliver Kellermann [mailto:mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 8:07 AM
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Subject: AW: [SLE] 486 fast enough?

> Hi all,
> I have a 486 DX2-66 with 16mb RAM that I'd like to use as a firewall for
> dial-up at home. Network card is a 10-base ISA card, it has a vesa-
> localbus
> IDE controller and 1gb Maxtor disc. The disc was from a P-I of which the
> mobo went bad. The firewall was already setup with forwarding and squid
> proxy on the disc.
> I tried it once but the result was disappointing. I could not get anymore
> than about 1kbps download speed, and response was really slow. Even with
> the
> proxy and all other unnecessary services disabled, matters didn't improve.
> I
> tried both SuSE 6.3 and the latest IP-COP ( with all the
> patches loaded.
> The modem (external serial 56k v90) works fine and at full speed directly
> on
> my computer, so it's not that. I copy a large file - about 40mb - with
> scp
> to the 486, and it went at about 120kbps. Not sure where the bottleneck
> there is - hard disc write speed or network card - but at least I know
> networking should be able to keep up.
> Is a machine like this just too slow? Or is the RAM insufficient? It only
> serves two clients on normal analog dialup.
> Thanks
> Hans

Hi Hans,

Squid might be the problem which slows the machine down with this low amount
of RAM.

Till last year I ran a Box like yours (486/100, 16MB RAM) as Firewall
connecting my LAN to DSL (786k/s) and I had no speed-problem at all - even
during the 12 hours it needed to compile a new kernel. At that time I used
Redhat with a 2.2.x kernel - but I'm sure the newest 486-capable-SuSE
distribution (7.3 ???) without X should make it, too

I never used Squid on that box - so maybe that's the point.

Oliver Kellermann

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