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AW: [SLE] 486 fast enough?
> Hi all,
> I have a 486 DX2-66 with 16mb RAM that I'd like to use as a firewall for
> dial-up at home. Network card is a 10-base ISA card, it has a vesa-
> localbus
> IDE controller and 1gb Maxtor disc. The disc was from a P-I of which the
> mobo went bad. The firewall was already setup with forwarding and squid
> proxy on the disc.
> I tried it once but the result was disappointing. I could not get anymore
> than about 1kbps download speed, and response was really slow. Even with
> the
> proxy and all other unnecessary services disabled, matters didn't improve.
> I
> tried both SuSE 6.3 and the latest IP-COP ( with all the
> patches loaded.
> The modem (external serial 56k v90) works fine and at full speed directly
> on
> my computer, so it's not that. I copy a large file - about 40mb - with
> scp
> to the 486, and it went at about 120kbps. Not sure where the bottleneck
> there is - hard disc write speed or network card - but at least I know
> networking should be able to keep up.
> Is a machine like this just too slow? Or is the RAM insufficient? It only
> serves two clients on normal analog dialup.
> Thanks
> Hans

Hi Hans,

Squid might be the problem which slows the machine down with this low amount
of RAM.

Till last year I ran a Box like yours (486/100, 16MB RAM) as Firewall
connecting my LAN to DSL (786k/s) and I had no speed-problem at all - even
during the 12 hours it needed to compile a new kernel. At that time I used
Redhat with a 2.2.x kernel - but I'm sure the newest 486-capable-SuSE
distribution (7.3 ???) without X should make it, too

I never used Squid on that box - so maybe that's the point.

Oliver Kellermann

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