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Re: [SLE] Proper netmask configuration?
  • From: "James D. Ivey" <jim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 15:08:24 -0700
  • Message-id: <1083622103.23563.83.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Thanks for the prompt reply!

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 14:50, Dylan wrote:
> On Monday 03 May 2004 22:35 pm, James D. Ivey wrote:
> > I don't believe my network is configured properly, but I've tried
> > everything I can think of to fix it.
> >
> > "ifconfig" says the following about eth0:
> > inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
> >
> > The netmask should be
> Indeed it should
> >
> > Under YaST2, eth0 is shown to have static address setup with an
> > address of and a subnet mask of Under
> > "routing", I can only specify the gateway address (which is correctly
> > specified), but I cannot specify a correct subnet mask.
> >
> <SNIP>
> > I've tried manually overriding with ifconfig and other CLI tools.
> > However, my Internet access (and all network access) stops when I do
> > that. It's only when I go back to YaST2 that I regain that access,
> > but then ifconfig reports the incorrect netmask as described above.
> How are you connecting to the internet?

The short answer is "the regular way." My assumption is that the mask
of works because it sends all addresses to any other
computer through the gateway. However, I can't see my other local
addresses -- hence, cups doesn't work with my network-attached printer
and I had to override the subnet mask in smb.conf to get samba to work.

But once I try to correct the problem with "ifconfig" or manually
editing configuration files, I lose Internet access but can "see" my
other local devices. Only YaST2 gets me back on the 'net.

This problem was "out of the box" so I find it hard to imagine I'm the
first to experience this.

Oh yeah, it's Suse 9.0 Personal with Ximian gnome XD2.

Thanks again!

James D. Ivey <jim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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