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Re: [SLE] Why should I buy 64bit hardware ?
  • From: Örn Hansen <orn.hansen@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 12:00:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <200405031200.48812.orn.hansen@xxxxxxxxxx>
måndag 03 maj 2004 08:17 skrev Koenraad Lelong:
> I would like to build my own machine, which is going to serve mail
> (Postfix, Courier-Imap), web (maybe), files (Samba), proxy (Squid), for
> my home-network. I hope to have it running for the next 4 to 5 years, if
> the hardware allows. Since SuSE 9.1 will include 64bit software I'm
> considering to make the new machine 64bit.
> Any reason to go (or not) to AMD Athlon64 (or Opteron) ? Comments invited.

I'm currently running a 64-bit Athlon system, and the reason I switched is
as follows.

Every year, there's a tremendous leap in hardware and unfortunately the
software follows up. Most of the software, aren't functionally superior to
software that ran like 10 years ago, but they provide a lot more visual
characterization which appear to gulp more cpu power, although I suspect a
lot of that power is swallowed by embedded interpreters.

I see the leap to 64-bit, as a future investment. The 32-bit systems, will
dominate, but I suspect that won't be for long. Already there are complaints
about how address space is getting short, tera byte databases are emerging
and therefore a gigabyte address space is lacking. And already, Intel is
planning it's takeover off the 64-bit, but x86 compatible market :-) I
suspect, it won't be long until 64-bit workstations will be dominant, even in
the PC world ... and we'll even be seeing 64-bit PCI slots, and not just in
Opteron systems.

So, this way I'll have a system that's a "future" system (say one or two
years from now), and will enjoy being able to have a feel of the market as it
emerges for real.

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