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Re: [SLE] Kmail setup
  • From: David Tiefenbrunn <davidtief@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:13:34 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <>
At 04:52 AM 4/30/04 +0200, Anders wrote:

(Dave T wrote:)
>> I actually have my name in the Name: box. I was trying to be "generic",
>> maybe took it too far.:)
>You mean in the Network setup? OK,

The name box is the one you get to by:
Kmail / settings / configure / network / sending / modify / general.

that's not supposed to be your name, that's
>the name of your outgoing connection. If you have multiple mail servers you
>want to use, give each a descriptive name, and then you can select them from
>a dropdown in the mail editor. If you only have one, you don't have to give
>it a name, it'll just be set to 'Unnamed'

Boy, this network stuff is frustrating.
I have only one ISP and email that I am trying to set up.

>Strange. Do you perhaps have multiple identities configured, and the mail
>editor is using the wrong one, one where you don't have an email address

All of the windows that show lists have only one entry.

>Or when you say you have your email address, do you perhaps only have the
>first part of it, the part before the @? (like only 'davidtief', and not
>'davidtief@xxxxxxxx'). You need to put the whole thing in there

I do have the whole thing.

I found some stuff in Yast, but it looks like it is ok - but I don't know
what I 'm doing, apparently. I didn't mess with any of those settings.

I attempted to sign up for the Suse online support, but that doesn't want
to work either. I filled out the form, but didn't get an email with a
password. Used a link on the web page to contact them. A few days later I
get a reply, saying go try again. I get the same error that my user name
is still in use. Send a reply to let them know, and still no reply. I
paid real money to get support, and this is not what I call support. I'll
try another user name and see what happens.

Thank you,

Dave Tief. N1WWY, Addie Tief. N1XQP
Tiny, Cecil, Magic, Ruby, Sesame and Cinamon
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