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Re: Question
  • From: Bob Pearson <gottadoit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 14:55:54 -0500
  • Message-id: <200403181455.54866.gottadoit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 18 March 2004 2:11 pm, C Hamel wrote:
> You've used mldonkey for awhile, I gather, and I am curious about the
> behavior when one shuts it down & reinitializes it.

First off, you need to shut it down gracefully. In the g2gui you do a:

File->Kill Core

If you get blacklisted (appears in console window) you need to shutdown mlnet
for just over 2 hours (120 minutes).

> I made the mldonkey directory & put the compliled mlnet in it. I am using
> the web interface and yesterday all the extraneous files were contained in
> that directory.

You need to create a permanent mldonkey directory. Mine is "~/.mldonkey". that
is where all the *.ini files go, the ~/.mldonkey/temp subdirectory
(incomplete files) and the ~/.mldonkey/incoming subdirectory.

NOTE: all files in the incoming subdirectory are shared as are incomplete
files in the temp directory!

You ALWAYS run mlnet from the ~/.mldonkey directory. It is also where I keep
the g2gui shell script, libraries and executables. I run g2gui in a separate
xterm out of the "~/.mldonkey" directory". If you log out, mlnet will still
run in multiple threads unless you shut it down. You can do this via a telnet
session to port 4000:

telnet 4000

You need to set an admin password via "add_user admin password" and then
always do a "auth admin password" and "kill" will shutdown mlnet gracefully.
I STRONGLY recommend downloading the g2gui and not using the web interface
directly. Also make sure port 4000 TCP is not accessible through your SuSE

> This morning I shut it down for awhile, then reinitialized
> it. First, I had to recover all my d/l files, which confused me a little.

You probably did not shutdown gracefully and additionally did not run mlnet
from the same directory you originally used.

> Next, I noted that all the exraneous files were now contained in the
> /home/<user/ directory rather than the one I created.

You have two different sets of *.ini files. MLDonkey wants to be run out of
the same user selected directory.

You must explicitly cd to ~/.mldonkey (or where ever you want the files to
live). I suggest a shell script wrapper. Something along the lines of:
$ cat startmld
cd ~/.mldonkey


$ cat startgui
cd ~/.mldonkey

> I did reload it from
> within the mldonkey directory, so deleted the files in the /home directory.
> Later, they were back. What is going on?? I'm puzzled.

mlnet and mldonkey create files and directories in whatever directory is the
current directory when the mlnet command is issued.

Look at ~/.mldonkey/downloads.ini for lots of hints.

Best Regards.
_/_/_/ Bob Pearson gottadoit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
_/_/_/ "The best way to get information on Usenet is not to ask a
_/_/_/ question, but to post the wrong information." - Aahz' Law

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