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Re: [SLE] VMWare and virtual machines-was:Re: [SLE] SuSE 9.1? (With a 2.6 kernel?)
  • From: Bruce Marshall <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 12:38:26 -0500
  • Message-id: <200403021238.26180.bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 02 March 2004 12:18 pm, Steven T. Hatton wrote:

> I'm used to that. Mathematica is something of its own OS, and was more so
> under WinDOS. As long as VMWare (Linux?) intercepts all the system calls
> from NT, and responds in such a way NT thinks it's a CPU, then there's not
> a problem. That doesn't sound all that trivial to me. You have to emulate
> a bit more than just virtual memory. What happens to Windows drivers if
> Linux is actually the OS controlling the hardware? Drivers get out there
> on the busses an start manipulating the register sets on the hardware, or
> writing to the video ram. Does VM Ware provide pseudo drivers that are
> installed in the windows configuration?

I'm not all that sure how they let Win98 handle things, but essentially Win98
(for example) is given an IDE disk, and maybe an IDE CDrom if you want, and a
floppy drive if you want, and now days you can also have USB devices. All
pretty simple stuff which is supported by the VMware routines.

The use of REAL hardware is pretty restricted. For instance, if you want to
have a SCSI drive, it must be with a particular SCSI controller.

> > So far so good... and the only thing (a big generalization) that needs

> Does it support NT based OS's? If it's just WinDOS, that's can be done
> with a bit more than an 8088 emulation.

I believe it does. And Linux running under Linux too.

> What happens to NTFS? I guess that's not really a problem if you start out
> with VMWare, but what if your hardrive is already NTFS, full and huge?

In general, the use of RAW harddrives is limited. Not sure if a real NTFS
drive is possible... but you can have an NTFS drive in your WINXp machine,
and it would still be simulated onto a linux drive.

You supposedly *can* use a Win98 partition and boot it... but again, such use
is pretty restricted and has never been necessary in my case. For what
little windows most people need, they build a simple version of Winxx and run
a few applications on it.

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