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Re: [SLE] Got my CDRW/DVD drive
  • From: Adam Daniel <adamd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 16:28:28 +1000
  • Message-id: <20030502062828.GA4758@xxxxxxxxxx>

DOH ..i did it as well John


On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 11:04:13PM -0400, John LeMay wrote:
> >Do you really need to update the firmware? if it ain't broke to fix it i
> >say.
> Don't know, however I know under Windows I've had problems burning CD's
> with old firmware on drives. I did find a project designed to write
> Linux firmware installers for several drives. Finally!

Really ..whats the URL?, id be interested in that also ..ive just updated the firmware on a SCSI cdr drive to fix a multi session problem and a i had to move the drive to a win box to do it, what a pain in the ass.
> >A device link is just that. Its just an icon with a name thats a short cut
> >to the drive, it doesn't effect your hardware config at all.
> >Does it really matter what the name of the icon is? if you right click on
> >it and go to properties you can change what device it points to (if you
> >use the ide-scsi driver it will be /dev/sr0) and icon and maybe even the
> >name.
> Understood. However I've had issues in the past with device links -
> specifically ones for digital cameras working. Thought there might be
> something special that needed to be done.
> >you don't need a device link for your device to work ..try using the
> >command line more and take a look at the mount command (man mount)
> Heh, I have six terminals - rxvt even, not that Konsole beast - open
> right now in fact. I'm not a newbie, just a newbie to CDRW devices in
> Linux.

lol ..sorry if i sounded condescending at all, ive just come across a alot of users who underestimate the power of the command line in linux and just want a bit of point and click to get stuff working. For me x windows is just a way to run more terminals on one screen and view webpages with full graphics :)

> Thanks for the help. There was one last piece I needed to do - insmod
> ide-scsi after rebooting. How do I get ide-scsi to load at boot?

just drop it in your boot.local file (/etc/init.d/boot.local) add the "insmod ide-scsi" at the end and it will load at the end of the boot sequence.

> thanks!

Glad i could help ..i hate posting help requests and getting no answers :)


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