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Re: [SLE] Thinkpad X31
On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 21:32, zentara wrote:
> On 01 May 2003 20:04:57 +0100
> Anders Karlsson <anders@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Trying to get SuSE Professional 8.2 installed on an IBM X31 Centrino
> >laptop and I have run into a few problems. The most urgent ones are the
> >following.
> >
> >For some reason I can not swith on the max speed of the harddrive in the
> >laptop. 'hdparm -d1 -X69 /dev/hda' tells me that it can't set UDMA5 mode
> >and DMA is not an option that can be switched on.
> Is this a really fast advanced laptop? Maybe it dosn't have the right internal
> cabling/connectors for UDMA5. Also IBM has it's own hard drive utility, maybe
> you could try that?

Well, sort of anyway. It is IBM's new lightweight laptop with a
Pentium-M CPU and the new Centrino chipset. It is quite possible that
the chipset is so new that the kernel doesn't yet know about some of the
chipset. I have just subscribed to LKML to try and pick their brains. As
I can't use the laptop as is with SuSE Pro 8.2, I don't mind
experimenting a bit with new kernels etc.

If you are referring to tpctl I have not yet tried it. I should do I
suppose, but from memory, that might not help me tweaking the speed of
the IDE bus.

The cabling should be alright, I could try with Win2k that it came with
and check the speed of things there. At the moment in linux, I get
2.5MB/s from an ATA100 drive.. :-/

> >The other problem seems to be related to the ATI Radeon graphics card.
> >If X is started, and I restart the server (either Ctrl+Alt+Backspace or
> >/etc/init.d/xdm restart) I get a black screen. After having installed
> >the GATOS drivers (both X and drm) I instead get a hard lockup.
> I have a similar problem on my desktop. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace just locks up
> the machine. You need to send a "Quit" to your window manager. On my fvwm2
> setup, it's in the menus. So look thru the rc file for your window manager, and find the
> entry for "Exit" or "Quit" and rewrite your menu to put that entry in a visible place
> on the top of the menu. Then instead of the old ctrl-alt-backspace, you will get used
> to point and clicking "Exit".
> Also it might help to boot to runlevel 3 instead of 5, and startx manually.

I don't think I explained myself quite well here. On the GDM screen,
before even logging in, if I 'quit' X with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (gdm will
restart it) I get a black screen. X appears to be running, but will not
show anything on the screen.

After updating the radeon.o agp driver in the kernel with the drm
drivers from the GATOS project, starting X will lock up the laptop.
Using the kernels own driver will only prolong the inevitable. The
laptop will lock up, but after a couple of hours rather than instantly.

Running things through startx didn't help either. Once X has run and
been exited, it can not be started again. It is a bit of a problem.

Thanks for replying with suggestions though, much appreciated. Keep them
coming people.


Anders Karlsson <anders@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Trudheim Technology Limited
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