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Unofficial SuSE FAQ Monthly Reminder
  • From: Togan Muftuoglu <toganm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 02:18:50 +0200
  • Message-id: <20021101001850.GA14237@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Mirror Sites of the Unofficial SuSE FAQ
The up to date version of this FAQ is available here . You may want to try the
main mirror site if you encounter difficulties in reaching the primary site.

Current Unofficial SuSE FAQ Mirror List

For those who would like to mirror this FAQ please drop me an email so I can
update the mirror info. Please do not use a mirroring script or a mirror tool
against the main site. The easiest way would be to get the files of the files from Sourceforge project page.

There is also an rpm version of SuSE FAQ which integrates into
SuSEhelpcenter making it searchable by any word.

It is also available via apt just issue

apt-get install susefaq
In order the ease setting up SuSEfirewall2 there is a document which
explains how it works and how to configure.

There is an experimental (in terms of layout) articles section currently
on the following topics located at and

* SuSE Bash Initialization
* CD Ripping
* Apt for rpm
* PAM Pluggable Authentication Module
* RPM RedHat Package Manager
* Open Secure Shell OpenSSH
* How to do local YaST2 Online Update
* Is my package fixed? Or: How to look into RPMs

Most of the Howtos available on the Internet assume that we are using
another distro. Hence although the information is there, in order to
apply it, one has to understand the details that are needed to make
things work as they should do. One of the goals of this project is to
explain things in terms that the layperson can understand, using SuSE
tools and the SuSE directory structure, along with the SuSE boot

Much of this information can already be found under
/usr/share/doc/packages. However, it takes a long time before the user
finally discovers what is available and where it is located.

How can you contribute ?

As you will discover while surfing this site, you will encounter some
articles are contributed by other people. You too can contribute to the
creation of an information rich website making your SuSE experience an
even pleasant one.

If you haven't got your Sourceforge Login yet get now by clicking

Once you have done your registration drop a private email to me with
your Sourceforge id.
Enjoy your SuSE Linux

Togan Muftuoglu
Unofficial SuSE FAQ Maintainer

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