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Re: [SLE] YOU/Manual - what do the various text colors mean (red, blue, black), why are some boxes checked and some not, and what does YOU expect me to do next?
  • From: DJ <linux_programmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:24:25 -0600
  • Message-id: <9999900919.20021122152425@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> because SuSEconfig.susehelp is broken so no index is produced ( as far
>> as I can tell) to fix SuSEconfig.susehelp around line 40 replace
>> indexsusehelp with susehelpindex

CER> I renamed the script "/usr/sbin/susehelpindex" as
CER> "/usr/sbin/indexsusehelp". Interestingly, in the script its own name is
CER> refered in two different ways:

I've been trying to follow this suse faq/help thread and I'm a little

Maybe after you expert guys figure it out, you could summarize what we
SuSE newbie's need to do ;-)

I just logged on to SuSE KDE and I can't find the FAQ link anywhere.
Are we suppose to see a link to the FAQ some place?

Also, in the SuSE "User Guide", hard copy, on page 325, it shows an
"Advanced" tab. My SuSE Help doesn't have this (which is why I think I
can't do the multiple word search). Is the "Advanced" tab suppose to
be there? With regards to what you guys are talking about, will it fix
it? :-)

On page 324, there is a url that is incorrect,
http:/localhost/hilfe/index.html.en Does anyone know what it should
be? I tried a couple of variations and I couldn't figure it out.

There are a lot of errors in the SuSE documentation that sometimes I
just through up my arms and then try to figure it out on my own or use
other sources. If you are trying to get something done and learn in
the process, the last thing you need or want, is to try and figure out
what the documentation should have said.

I went to the link,
(actually in the documentation on page 42, this was also incorrect,
but I guessed the /de/ should have been a /en/), listed in the
Administration book, and I was kind of excited to see an Errata for
the documentation. But when I went to the Errata link,, there was nothing

I don't think anyone proofreads the manuals. You don't have to go to
far to see the first problem. In the Administration book, in the
Preface, the very, very first word is incorrect. Actually it looks
like a macro is not being substituted, because it says, "[SuS02b]
showed how easy it is to install and operate your new SuSE Linux...".

There seems to be a lot of old stuff in the manuals, too. Things that
are no longer true for 8.1. imho, if I buy the Professional (not the
update), I want the majority of the text to be 8.1. There is some
version cleanup necessary in the documentation.

I originally found out about the FAQ by seeing it in a signature
block. So I only knew about the FAQ on the net. Too bad SuSE won't
incorporate the FAQ on their Web site.

Please keep the FAQ up. It is helpful.

Sometimes we don't report these items because we're too busy and need
to get the work done, we don't think it makes a difference or the
report goes into the bit-bucket, we get tired of too many little
annoying type errors, we think someone else already reported it, or we
don't know how it is suppose to work in the first place.

Short surveys are always a nice way to get feedback.


mailto: linux_programmer@xxxxxxxxxxx

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