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From: "Henne Vogelsang" <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "suse-linux-e" <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 8:40 PM
Subject: Re: [SLE] SLES8

> > You are talking about installation support?
> Not the "normal" installation Support you get for products. In SLES8 you
> get installation support for the whole maintenance time.

OK. This is thing which is changed from SLES7 time :-)
What else?


> There is a difference:
> You buy a CD Set which has packages included. Depending on the license
> of the package you can do what the license permits you to do with it.
> For most packages this is GPL and GPL permits (forces? ;) you to install

Oh, yes! ;-)

> the package on as many machines as you want.
> You buy also a service with this CD Set called maintenance. This service
> is limited to the modalities of your individual contract with SuSE.
> Normally a one year contract including the maintenance for one machine.
> Dont mix up these two things. That you are allowed to install the
> packages of the CD Set on more than one machine does not force SuSE to
> _deliver_ the service of maintenance to more than one machine.

Sorry, this is thing I don't understand :-(
Maintanence is updates and nothing more (at least I don't need more), well,
I used installation support for SLES7, but 99% of problems were Suse
problems -
I mean problems with how packages are compiled, not my problems :-)

> As i said, no one will detain you of downloading the update packages
> from the maintenance web to a local machine and update your other 200
> machines from there, but if a update breaks one of these machines you do
> not have a maintenance contract for or you want to have anything else
> for one of these machines (like installation support, support, product
> addons or something like this) you are on your own.

Thank you!
This is what I need. Anyway I'm at my own :-)

> > > Ask enterprise-presales@xxxxxxxx for more details, a license, a
> > > contract whatever.
> >
> > :-)
> > We bought SLES7 with one year maintenance, Now it is expired, so we want
> > to buy or SLES8 or next year for SLES7.
> > It is impossible to buy next year in Russia, I asked this presales
> > several times with no success - they simply don't rely at all.
> > But I want to be shure that I can legally install and use SLES8
> > on several servers. Sorry, I even still do not know license for SLES7
> I cannot give you a official SuSE statement. I only can try to explain
> how i think these "contracts/licenses" work.


I think the same, but... I don't want to violate license even if Suse will
not know
about this ;-)
Could someone from Suse tell me is is possible to install updates to
serveral servers
if I have only one SLES8 box with maintenance?
Certanly, I'm at my own, etc, etc....

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