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Apt-Get 8.0 -> 8.1 Screw-Up

I recently used apt-get to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1. Unfortunately, I
didn't realize that there was a kernel upgrade in there, so I didn't
mk_initrd and re-run lilo. So now I get a nice error message (out of data,
I think).

The last time this happened (probably when I was upgrading to 8.0 from
7.3), I was able to reboot using the CD for 7.3 and install an old kernel,
and then once I got into the disk, I could correct the problem.

This time, I am unable to do so. I restart and follow the procedures
for upgrade, it asks for which kernel I want, I select one, it tries to
install and reboot, but during the process of discovering that there are no
module matches, it freezes (blinking caps- and scroll-lock lights). Short
of reinstalling everything and paying attention next time, do I have any
other recovery options?

Stan Koper

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