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DNS Question
I have a cable modem internet connection, and am using a linux box (SuSE
8.0) as a server/firewall for an internal network. The internal NIC is at, and I have about 6 machines (all windows 98, 2000, XP
professional except for one running OS/2 4.0).

Until now I have assigned a fixed IP number to each machine on the network,
but recently my service provider (att broadband) sent me a notice advising
me that I was using incorrect DNS servers. And that was because I had
hard-coded the DNS IPs into each machine as well, and missed the change.

The server uses dhcpcd to get a connection, and resolv.conf is updated to
reflect any changes in DNS servers from However, I'm thinking of
using dhcp internally, and the only question I have (so far) is how do I
"translate" the DNS numbers that I get from attbi via dhcpcd so that they
are available to my internal machines?

Is this automatic? Do I need to do nothing in that regard? What (if
anything) do I put into the dhcp.conf (or any other) file that will direct
my internal computers to attbi's DNS servers?


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