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Suse for Postfix/Pop/Openwebmail
  • From: "Scott St. John" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:07:21 -0500
  • Message-id: <>
Hi Gang-

Last week my 6 year old BSDi machine died. It was a Pentium 100 with 128 megs of ram
handling sendmail/pop/radius and user home pages for 2,300 users. Other than the hard
drive giving out, it worked very. In the heat of getting a box back up I grabbed Red Hat 7.2
and installed Sendmail/QPopper/OpenWebMail to be up quick since I had the config files
for Sendmail already. This box is now a Dual P333-600 with a gig of ram with a Raid 5
controller and I am constantly seeing a load average between 4 & 5.

I also set up a Suse 8.0 box to do Radius, same config as above only with half a gig of
ram. It is running beautifully with a 0.01 load average.

My question, is anyone using Suse as a mail server to handle 2,000+ mail accounts?
And if you are, what kind of hardware and load average are you seeing? I want to run
Spam Assassin as well, but when I did on the current RH box it truncated the F in
From and I had to manually correct several email boxes.

I am not happy with the RH performance and other general issues, but the Suse box
impressed the heck out of us and I am considering giving it a try for handling our mail
accounts. Anyone care to share thoughts or experiences?

Thank you,


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