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Problems using oggenc
  • From: Nik <nik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 13:36:01 +0100
  • Message-id: <4b98dbe962nik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm having a really hard time trying to encode ogg files. Whenever I use
oggenc the whole machine completely freezes. I have tried oggenc both as a
user and root with the same results.
If i do something like: oggenc -q 5 track5.wav -o track5.ogg , it starts
off fine, but always freezes the machine after a couple of seconds. After
rebooting the machine, I have noticed that the track5.ogg output file has
never been created.
I have tried using the rpms off the CD, the rpms from and the
.tar.gz files from, but get the same result all the time.
I have also tried using oggenc via other apps, eg: Grip, abcde, ripit etc,
but the same thing happens every time.
Incedentaly, the other ogg tools seem to work fine, eg ogginfo
The really annoying thing is that I had this working fine a couple of weeks
ago, but I reinstalled SuSE and now it won't work.
I have even tried changing the acpi and apm options in grub, and also using
the failsafe option in grub, but no change
My system:
SuSE 8.1
oggenc 1.0 (CD version)
/dev/hda3 9.0G 4.0G 5.1G 45% /
/dev/hdb1 38G 4.3G 33G 12% /data
Duron 1200, 256 MB

I can't find anything on google about complete system freezes from oggenc,
so if someone has even the vaguest idea about what could be wrong, I'd be
very grateful.


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