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re[3]: [SLE] SuSE machine haging with blinking leds

>> The 02.11.14 at 18:23, Greg Freemyer wrote:

>> > >> I should think that those leds are changed to that state somewhere,
>> on
>> > >> purpose, for some reason, as a signal that something has gone very
>> wrong:
>> > >> probably the kernel panicking, may the bios, whatever.
>> >
>> > >> So... who has info about what those signals mean?
>> >
>> > >> We are blindingly beating the bush otherwise. :-(
>> >
>> > I think that is kdb kicking into action. I don't know if SuSE enables
>> kdb in their kernels or not.

>> I don't see I have any kdb module loaded, nor any kdb.o in my system :-?

I don't think it is a module. Look in your /boot/System_map* file and see if you have kdb.

I am using XFS heavily, so I am using a kernel straight from the xfs team that definitely does have kdb in it.

If I do a "grep kdb /boot/System_map-2.4.19-xfs" I get:

c01087b8 T kdb_call
c0113b88 T kdb_syslog_data
c0251e40 T kdb_bt
c0252000 T kdb_bp_install_global
c0252074 T kdb_bp_install_local
c025211c T kdb_bp_remove_global
c025218c T kdb_bp_remove_local
c025221c t kdb_printbp
c02522f0 T kdb_bp
c02524f0 T kdb_bc
c0252754 T kdb_ss
c02527d0 T kdb_id
c02528d8 T kdb_id1
c025292c T kdb_dis_fprintf
c0252964 T kdb_dis_fprintf_dummy
c0252970 T kdbgetsymval
c02529bc T kdbnearsym
c0252a08 T kdb_enablehwfault
c0252a14 T kdb_get_next_ar
c0252c98 T kdb_symbol_print
c0252dec T kdb_strdup
c0252e30 T kdb_getarea_size
c0252ec0 T kdb_putarea_size
c0252f4c T kdb_getword
c0252fec T kdb_putword
c0253060 T kdbgetenv
c0253114 t kdballocenv
c0253144 T kdbgetulenv
c0253194 T kdbgetintenv
c02531bc T kdbgetularg
c0253208 T kdbgetaddrarg
c02533cc t kdb_cmderror
c0253428 t kdb_parse
c0253724 t kdb_local
c0253a80 T kdb_print_state
c0253aa8 t kdb_previous_event
c0253ad8 T kdb_main_loop
c0253c68 T kdb
c02541f4 t kdb_mdr
c0254248 T kdb_md
c0254b04 T kdb_mm
c0254bec T kdb_go
c0254c50 T kdb_rd
c0254c8c T kdb_rm
c0254ce8 T kdb_ef
c0254d3c T kdb_reboot
c0254d4c T kdb_lsmod
c0254e54 T kdb_rmmod
c0254edc T kdb_env
c0254f2c T kdb_set
c02550f8 T kdb_dmesg
c02551cc T kdb_cpu
c02552b4 T kdb_ps
c0255370 T kdb_ll
c0255430 t kdb_sections_callback
c0255470 T kdb_sections
c02554ac T kdb_help
c025550c T kdb_register_repeat
c025566c T kdb_register
c0255698 T kdb_unregister
c02556f8 t kdb_panic
c0255710 T kdb_read
c0255724 T kdb_getstr
c0255758 T kdb_printf
c0341498 t kdba_bt_stack_i386
c0341878 T kdba_bt_stack
c034189c T kdba_bt_process
c0341910 T kdba_db_trap
c0341c5c T kdba_bp_trap
c0341cf8 t kdba_handle_bp
c0341d58 T kdba_bptype
c0341d74 T kdba_printbpreg
c0341d8c T kdba_printbp
c0341dd8 T kdba_parsebp
c0341f94 T kdba_allocbp
c0342014 T kdba_freebp
c0342024 T kdba_initbp
c0342054 T kdba_installbp
c034215c T kdba_removebp
c0342210 t kdba_verify_rw
c03422d0 t kdba_dis_getsym
c03422dc T kdba_printaddress
c0342384 t kdba_dis_printaddr
c034239c t kdba_dis_getmem
c03423b4 T kdba_id_parsemode
c0342420 T kdba_check_pc
c0342428 T kdba_id_printinsn
c0342450 t kdb_kbdsend
c0342464 t kdb_toggleled
c0342704 T kdba_read
c03427a0 t kdba_find_return
c0342b80 T kdba_prologue
c034317c T kdba_getdr6
c034318c T kdba_getdr7
c034319c T kdba_putdr6
c03431b0 t kdba_putdr7
c03431c4 T kdba_installdbreg
c0343300 T kdba_removedbreg
c0343380 T kdba_getdr
c03433c8 T kdb_getcr
c03433fc T kdba_putdr
c034343c T kdba_getregcontents
c0343690 T kdba_setregcontents
c03437d4 T kdba_dumpregs
c034394c T kdba_getpc
c034395c T kdba_setpc
c034397c T kdba_main_loop
c03439d8 T kdba_disableint
c03439e8 T kdba_restoreint
c03439f8 T kdba_setsinglestep
c0343a30 T kdba_clearsinglestep
c0343a50 T kdba_getcurrentframe
c0343a6c T kdba_setjmp
c0343aa4 T kdba_longjmp
c0343ac8 T kdba_enable_mce
c0343ad0 T kdba_enable_lbr
c0343b10 T kdba_disable_lbr
c0343b50 T kdba_print_lbr
c0343bf4 T kdba_adjust_ip
c03835f8 r __nkdb_err
c03c4c58 r nkdbreglist
c03d33cb ? __kstrtab_kdb_register
c03d33e2 ? __kstrtab_kdb_register_repeat
c03d3400 ? __kstrtab_kdb_unregister
c03d3419 ? __kstrtab_kdb_getarea_size
c03d3434 ? __kstrtab_kdb_putarea_size
c03d344f ? __kstrtab_kdb_getword
c03d3465 ? __kstrtab_kdb_putword
c03d347b ? __kstrtab_kdbgetularg
c03d3491 ? __kstrtab_kdbgetenv
c03d34a5 ? __kstrtab_kdbgetintenv
c03d34bc ? __kstrtab_kdbgetaddrarg
c03d34d4 ? __kstrtab_kdb
c03d34e2 ? __kstrtab_kdb_on
c03d34f3 ? __kstrtab_kdbgetsymval
c03d350a ? __kstrtab_kdbnearsym
c03d351f ? __kstrtab_kdb_printf
c03d3534 ? __kstrtab_kdb_symbol_print
c03d354f ? __kstrtab_kdb_read
c03de7a0 ? __ksymtab_kdb_register
c03de7a8 ? __ksymtab_kdb_register_repeat
c03de7b0 ? __ksymtab_kdb_unregister
c03de7b8 ? __ksymtab_kdb_getarea_size
c03de7c0 ? __ksymtab_kdb_putarea_size
c03de7c8 ? __ksymtab_kdb_getword
c03de7d0 ? __ksymtab_kdb_putword
c03de7d8 ? __ksymtab_kdbgetularg
c03de7e0 ? __ksymtab_kdbgetenv
c03de7e8 ? __ksymtab_kdbgetintenv
c03de7f0 ? __ksymtab_kdbgetaddrarg
c03de7f8 ? __ksymtab_kdb
c03de800 ? __ksymtab_kdb_on
c03de808 ? __ksymtab_kdbgetsymval
c03de810 ? __ksymtab_kdbnearsym
c03de818 ? __ksymtab_kdb_printf
c03de820 ? __ksymtab_kdb_symbol_print
c03de828 ? __ksymtab_kdb_read
c0487900 D kdb_lock
c0487904 D kdb_initial_cpu
c0487908 D kdb_nextline
c048790c D kdb_on
c0487910 d kdbmsgs
c0487a44 d kdb_block
c0487a50 d kdb_printf_lock.855
c0489fa8 d kdb_serial_line
c0489fac d kdb_serial_str
c0489fb0 d kdb_serial_ptr
c04bcfb8 d kdba_rwtypes
c04bcfcc D kdba_blink_mask
c04bcfdc d kdbreglist
c04c7dd0 T kdb_initbptab
c04c7f40 T kdb_id_init
c04c8000 t kdb_inittab
c04c82fc t kdb_cmd_init
c04c8358 T kdb_init
c04c83b0 T kdb_io_init
c04d5b8c T kdba_id_init
c04d5bd0 T kdba_init
c04d6ae0 D kdb_cmds
c04ed520 B kdb_breakpoints
c04ed700 B kdb_di
c04edad8 B kdb_diemsg
c04edadc B kdb_flags
c04edae0 B kdb_state
c04edae4 B kdbjmpbuf
c04edafc b kdb_new_cpu
c04edb00 b kdb_commands
c04edb04 b kdb_max_commands
c04ef420 b kdbcons
c051ab40 B kdb_hardbreaks
c051ab74 B kdb_serial

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