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re[2]: [SLE] SuSE machine haging with blinking leds

>> The 02.11.07 at 15:28, Houghton, Chris wrote:

>> > >hangs heavily with Caps Lock and Scroll Lock flashing. Does anyone on
>> the
>> >
>> > I've seen a lock on boot with those two LEDs on, not flashing. In my
>> case

>> I should think that those leds are changed to that state somewhere, on
>> purpose, for some reason, as a signal that something has gone very wrong:
>> probably the kernel panicking, may the bios, whatever.

>> So... who has info about what those signals mean?

>> We are blindingly beating the bush otherwise. :-(

>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Carlos Robinson

I think that is kdb kicking into action. I don't know if SuSE enables kdb in their kernels or not.

kdb is provided by SGI and you get some info in their xfs mailing list.

It does NOT support x-windows. You have to have a text mode console to actually see the output.

If you want to capture the output so you can cut and paste it into an e-mail, you have to have a serial console and use the other computers cut and paste features.

I'm very surprised that SuSE has this enabled, or maybe you guys compiled your own kernels and turned this on.

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