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Machine hangs possibly explained
  • From: The Purple Tiger <Jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 22:46:24 +0000
  • Message-id: <200211072246.24240.Jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey all,
My machine has been running solidly for days and days and days now, and
I had to reboot as I needed to run an app in Windows.
Anyway, while I was rebooting after windows, I messed with a couple of
bios settings to do with IRQ assignments on various INTs. I set them
to Auto and my Linux box didn't complain... until about 1 hour later
when it froze. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and as such have a
little receiver with blinking LEDs on it when it receives data from
either. The funny thing was, when it froze, the keyboard LED went on
continuously [and the mouse was "locked out". I then pressed the power
button, and the light blinked as it let some data through! I pressed a
few times and sometimes more "went through" sometimes it didn't.
I did a hard reboot and after another hour or so it happened again. Hmm
this box had been stable for DAYS, and now having issues every hour to
hour and a half? Hmm!
I rebooted reset the IRQ assignments to what they had been before on the
INTs [instead of Auto] and guess what - rock solid again.

It may be the APIC [Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller] being
somewhat incompatible with some of the hardware [maybe net card?] or
with the kernel. The funny thing was that I did do all the "disable"
stuff etc for apic, acpi, apm etc on the kernel boot line and it still
froze. I am probably going with the APIC chip not doing its job
properly on my mobo.

If you have read this far you deserve a gold medal for endurance ;o)

In summary - getting freezes? Go into your bios and look to see if you
can set the "INT"s [interrupts] to something other than auto :o)

I take no responsibility for hardware dying, software dying, or pets
exploding :o)

Jon Jeffels.

[Should I post a summary to feedback at SuSE?]

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