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Re: [SLE] Manual Installation Procedures
  • From: Graham Smith <gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 05:08:06 +1100
  • Message-id: <200211080508.06507.gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 03:51 am, Fancher, Mark (GEAE) wrote:
> All:
> Another newbie question.
> When I manually install a program, I use the following procedure:
> * Download the program.tar.gz to my desktop
> * Open bash and cd to the desktop
> * logon as superuser using 'su'
> * gunzip program.tar.gz
> * tar program.tar
> * cd /program directory
> * ./configure
> * make
> * make install
> I wanted to find out if this was the correct procedure. I'm curious about
> two things:
> * Does it matter where you put the .tar.gz file to start with? Is the
> desktop OK?
> * After you ./configure, make and make install, can you delete the program
> directory created by tar? I'm thinking that the program is migrated to the
> proper places after ./configure, make, make install.
> Mark

Hi Mark,

Just a tip.
Install a package called "checkinstall" from your SuSE distrib. This makes the
package you want to install into an RPM and then installs the rpm. This
allows you to delete/upgrade the package at any time thereafter.

Instead of doing a "make install" you just run checkinstall and your off and

The rpm actually ends up in /usr/src/packages/RPM/

I generally have a sub-directory under my home directory where I install all
my source files. That way they are easier to maintain. e.g.
~/C/voice/ Contains all packages related to Voice mail
~/C/coms/ Contains all packages related to Modems and Communications

Hope this helps.


Graham Smith

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