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CUPS/KUPS and Win98
  • From: Kevin McLauchlan <kmclauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 11:32:03 -0500
  • Message-id: <200211071132.03417.kmclauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Within the next few weeks, I hope to install 8.1 on my
home system (currently the broken-X 8.0 that I want to
figure out before I upgrade, but that's another

I have a little home network via a D-Link hub/router
(same as LinkSys, if you've met them).

My Linux PC is directly connected to a DeskJet
color printer (via parallel port). My wife's Win98 PC
is directly connected (parallel port) to an old

Additionally, both of us sometimes bring home
our employer-supplied laptops that might attach
to the home network.

Can someone suggest what I should install/configure,
to get the best out of this arrangement?

The goal would be to have ANYBODY on our little
network be able to use the color DeskJet, and
anybody be able to use the LaserJet.

1) Anything special to consider when installing
SuSE 8.1? Or just say yes to anything that
looks like CUPS?

2) What (if anything) must be done on the Win98
PC to let it see/use my printer?

3) What (if anything) must be done on the Win98
PC to let my 8.1 PC see/use the LaserJet printer?

4) I assume that I should just be sending PCL to
either printer? What about when the Win machines
want to print to the DeskJet. Does CUPS locally
need to be told to do/ignore anything? The Win
boxen would just send PCL naturally, I assume...

Just for once, I'd like to approach this stuff
correctly from the beginning, rather than screwing
it all up and spending the next several months trying
to recover. :-)

It would probably make more sense to have my Linux
PC act as the server for all printers, but the wife
owns the LaserJet and her home office is two floors
away from mine. I don't think I could convince her
to walk all those stairs for every printout. :-)


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