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Re: [SLE] Error 28 : Selected item cannot fit into memory.
  • From: Kevin Donnelly <kevin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 17:15:18 +0000
  • Message-id: <200211071715.18380.kevin@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 07 November 2002 7:13 am, Svend Erik H. Jørgensen wrote:
> Grub wont start my linux. it says that the kernel is to big ??? what kan i
> do, is there any parameters i can put in the grub loader so i can start
> linux ?

As it happens, i was building a new PC today (using an Asus all-in-one
A7N266-VM mobo), and this happened to me. According to Philipp Thomas'
recent post, this is due to a bug in GRUB, where it won't detect the memory
correctly, and thinks you don't have enough to load what it is being told to
load. The best thing is to switch to ... LILO!

To do this:
1. Insert your CD, and boot from it.
2. When the menu comes up, choose the Rescue System option.
3. At the rescue login, enter root as the username.
4. Type: mount /dev/hda6 /mount (assuming that hda6 is where / is mounted -
change according to your circumstances).
5. LILO is in fact already installed by default - enter: pico /etc/lilo.conf
to write a basic config file for it. This might be as follows:
boot=/dev/hda (note: this will install LILO on the MBR of hda)
root=/dev/hda6 (note: or wherever / is mounted)
You could do a bit of reading around on the net to see what the various
options mean, and adjust them accordingly, but this should get you going.
6. Ctrl+X, Y, Return, ro save the file.
7. Type: /sbin/lilo - you should get a message saying that linux has been
8. Type: exit, and then shutdown -r now. This will reboot the system. If you
are in the middle of installing, it will restart the install at the
appropriate point, ie when you are being asked to choose a root password.

The above does not offer any of the other boot options (eg memtest, windows) -
I still need to add those. Neither does it give you the nice blue boot
screen, but how to restore that is somewhere on this list, I'm sure.

The last time I used GRUB was in 1999, on Caldera. I found it obscure then,
and it hasn't impressed on renewed acquaintance. This is the first time in
almost 3 years of using SuSE that a machine has failed to boot for me, and
the fix is not immediately obvious to a beginner either. (By the way, can
the above, or something better, be posted on the SuSE support db asap??) I
also wonder about the wisdom of not giving people a choice between LILO and
GRUB at the install or even YaST2/Bootloader Configuration stage. It doesn't
reflect well on a wonderful distro if it won't even boot during install.



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