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Re: [SLE] who can telll me what CUPS is?
  • From: Richard <ratcheson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:38:35 -0600
  • Message-id: <200211061538.35573.ratcheson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 06 November 2002 7:21 am, Thibaut Cousin wrote:

> CUPS is a printing system. What does it mean?
> In Linux, printers are represented as queues. Each queue can be a different
>something, you send the file to a server in memory. This server processes the
>file and sends it to the required queue. It is nice because local printers,
>remote printers (of whatever kind) just look the same for the user.
> This server is CUPS (it could be LPRng, LPD, etc). It is very complex
>compared with older systems like LPRng and is able to process documents
>before they are printed in a very nice way. Some KDE printing features (in
>the printing dialog) work only with CUPS.
> I hope you get the idea. Otherwise just ask again. ;-)

That is the finest answer/description of CUPS I have read! Thank you. I
have been searching the web for weeks to get just such an answer. That now
gives me a starting point to go back and figure out just how CUPS does what
you say it does.

I thank you for being such a gentleman and answering the question.

> I guess a real system administrator could tell you much more than me about
> it, but I hope you get the idea.
> The only thing that bothers me with CUPS is its tendency to halt print
> queues for no reason. Then you need to log in the server and restart them by
> hand.
> Oh, that's another good point with CUPS: you can configure and play with
> server very easily. Type "http://localhost:631"; in your browser, login=root,
> and you have a web interface for the CUPS server. You can restart queues,
> configure them, etc.
Here you have described my problem and given me another starting point to
figure out why it fails. Thanks again.

BTW, from my Navy days over 40 years ago, RTFI was used in those schools NOT
in a nice way to say Read The Fucking Instructions. The F still hasn't lost
its meaning. Even when someone says it means Fine, it doesnt! We use Fine
when someone's sensibilities may be offended by the real word. Fine, like
Pshaw, Good Grief, and Gosh Darn, is a euphemism. I'll let you figure out
what word Pshaw and the others substitute for.
Best Regards,

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