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Re: [SLE] Lets Just Say A Certain Strangeness II
** This email message from John Lowell <johnlowell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on Tue, 5 Nov 2002 16:34:39 -0800 Will be delivered via Owl Services Dept

**Is there
**anyone out there that might offer me some insights or am I to be left with
**the inescapable conclusion that this so-called "community" would be better
**named a "collection of particularities"?

ouch ! I see no need to get personal here <g> It is most likely that; what w/
all the traffic , no one WHO FELT QUALIFIED to answer you actually saw your
message. OR , perhaps no one here has an answer because they don't have the
problem !

This list tends toward genralities w/ the occassional veer off to some
particular items i.e. window managers or one or two reletively common hardware
setup ( Esp. things like Xf86 and Nvidia cards , you all know who you are <VBG>
) OR one or two other general useage problems that pop up ... many of us also
belong to some or all of SuSE's other lists as Chris mentioned...

Perhaps you didn't clearlly state your problem ? We here, all know that when I
try to explain the problem "fully" , I tend to confiuse the step logic brains
among us .. hence , either I make really short questions and let the group tell
me what further input they require...
BTW that isn't a knock on hte step logic folks... just that I am a lateral
thinker so sometimes what I think htey need to answer , and what they require
are two completely seperate issues <G>


afterthought Some days you're the dog; some days you're the hydrant.

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