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Re: [SLE] Lyx and docbook
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <robin1.listas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 23:40:27 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.33.0211052337230.3733-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Remember we were talking about docbook a month ago? :-)

The 02.10.07 at 08:49, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
> * Carlos E. R.; <robin1.listas@xxxxxxxxxx> on 06 Oct, 2002 wrote:
> >
> >I can view as dvi, postscript or pdf; but the TOC and the images fail to
> >be produced. I can not even view as html, no file.
> >
> >However, I can export to sgml (or DocBook), and from that file manually
> >export to html using "docbook2html texto.sgml" on a console, and I get
> >better results: at least the html files are produced. The TOC is there,
> >but the images lack the extension on their names, so that the html files
> >have to be manually edited. Using "sgml2html texto.sgml" produces the same
> >bad results.
> 1) use db2html ( comes with docbook-toys

I have found one of the problems in sgmltools reading the howto
(/usr/share/doc/howto/en/html/mini/DocBook-Install/using.html). It seems
that sgmltools needs some environment variables:

cer@nimrodel:~/lyx> set |grep sgml

But that is incorrect. It must list ALL the catalog files, one by one, not
the directories. Thus, if I run a script like:

for FILES in CATALOG.docbk31 CATALOG.docbook-xml-website \
CATALOG.html CATALOG.iso_ent \
CATALOG.db3xml CATALOG.docbk41 CATALOG.docbook_3 \
CATALOG.html-3.2 CATALOG.jade_dsl CATALOG.db41xml \
CATALOG.docbkdsl CATALOG.docbook_4 CATALOG.html-4.0 \
CATALOG.sgmltools CATALOG.docbk30 \
CATALOG.docbook-dsssl-stylesheets CATALOG.gnome \


sgmltools -b dvi howto.sgml
(or lyx directly)

Then it runs - at least it doesn't complain so much - but I will not say
it works, not quite. :-(

Also, the catalog for sgmltools is missing: a link named
"CATALOG.sgmltools" must be created in "/usr/share/sgml and
/var/lib/sgml/" to "/usr/share/sgml/stylesheets/sgmltools/"

That's not all. The catalog file itself is wrong. It contains lines like:

PUBLIC "-//SGMLtools//DOCUMENT Docbook Style Sheet for Print//EN" print.dsl

that have to be changed to:

PUBLIC "-//SGMLtools//DOCUMENT Docbook Style Sheet for Print//EN"

(in a single line)

That's not all. Openjade complains of not begin able to find
"/usr/share/sgml/jade_dsl/xml.dcl", which certainly does not exist, only
xml.decl. So a symlink is in order... apparently: "sgmltools -b dvi
test.sgml" complains with a "broken pipe". Go figure :-(

Well... it's better, but still fails a lot. At least, I can view dvi or
pdf form inside lyx, because that was failing. I'll continue using db2*,
as you told me :-)

It seems to me that the sgmltools are very broken in suse 7.3... I wonder
if they ever tested it :-? I'll check when I update to 8.1 soon what

Carlos Robinson

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