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Re: [SLE] HELP! Uninstalled CUPS and can't boot into KDE
  • From: Richard Bos <allabos@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 20:03:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <200211052003.49840.allabos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Op dinsdag 5 november 2002 19:05, schreef Tom Nielsen:
> I'm at home and tried hooking up to my wife's computer to try to print
> from the printer attached to her machine. Anyway, I had some issues with
> CUPS so I decided to uninstall cups by using synaptic. That went fine (I
> guess) and then installed lprng. Once I was done, I noticed that almost
> all my icons for files where gone. I couldn't run anything either. Every
> program I clicked on asked how it should be opened. Panicing, I decided
> to reboot. The only thing that came up was fvwm, for which I have no
> clue what it is. I didn't even get an option to choose from KDE or
> Gnome. Now I can't even seem to run YAST2.
> I'm trying to figure out what I did. I don't "think" I click on anything
> else???? Have any ideas?

Does this help:

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Subject: Re: [SLE] cannot start KDE session after apt-get to KDE 3.0.4
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 23:04:19 +0100
From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: suse-linux-e <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>

On Sunday 03 November 2002 22:34, Gour wrote:
> However after upgrade I cannot start KDE session. It's listed under KDM
> as an option, but after trying to start it, all what I get is Wmaker.

If you get WindowMaker when you select kde, I'm almost positive the problem
is that you haven't got the symlink in /usr/'X11R6/bin

As root, run

ln -sf /opt/kde3/bin/startkde /usr/X11R6/bin/kde

after that, kde shold work from kdm again


> Also, when I try to run something in FVWM, I get in XMessages:
> widgets-WARNING **:Could not open converter for 'iso-646-.1991-irv' to
> 'UTF-8 charset'
> What ever that means.
> Also, when I try to open YAST2, I get: cannot connect to X server :0.0
> (and I try as root).
> Thanks,
> Tom

Richard Bos
Without a home the journey is endless

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