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Re: [SLE] Why am I afraid to boot my 8.0?
  • From: JW <jw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 00:22:33 -0600
  • Message-id: <200211050022.33994.jw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 04 November 2002 23:32, ZephyrQ wrote:
> First, the problem. Due to a glitch/powersurge/young-un kicking the
> case (I'm not sure which) I lost my ability to go into X.

/hello/. Probably you didn't want comments on this, but if a
glitch/powersurge/young-un_really did_ fry your X installation, you have
worse problems than that, because it means some damage was caused to your
hard drive.
> NVidia drivers AND turned off (I thought) the graphical login (I do NOT
> like it, never have, and yast2 didn't give me a choice...).

Unfortunately in yast you ahve to change more than on thing. I forget which,
but the *real* thing to do is edit /etc/inittab and change:




> System was fine until the next day when I turned the machine on and it

Yup. Because Yast2 under 8.0 oes NOT diable {k|x|g}dm

> So, now, the questions.
> 1. Is there a key-press sequence I can use to bypass/turn-off the
> graphical login before it comes up?

No but it's running in virtual console 7, so even if it comes up you shoudl be
able to switch to another with [CTRL]+[ALT]+[F1]

or F2, F3, ....

> 2. Am I missing anything in the settings to cause these lock-ups? The
> new NVidia drivers worked well for 3 months but now are costing me *way*
> too much time
Have you looked at /var/log/message?

How about stracing startx to see where it dies?

strace -f -s100 -o x.strace.log startx

> 3. </small rant on/> Is there any way I can get my Yast1 back? Yast2,
> while slick and pretty, doesn't allow me to abort to a prompt (to fix
> problems) and hides too many things. </small rant off/>

No, but one of the best things about 8.1 is that yast is a good bit better
(though it's not all the way there yet).

> 4. Finally, what could I have done to streamline this process
> initially? The initial problem seemed to be in a /tmp/lock* file--could
> I have just deleted the /tmp directory?

su -
init 1
(or at least be sure to init 3. If you go with 3, shut down all running
cd /tmp
rm -rf *
init 3


Jonathan Wilson
System Administrator
Cedar Creek Software

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